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Last updated on : 23/05/2018
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Recommendation of DTAB,DCC and IND Committee



1.Minutes of DTAB

Minutes of 79th DTAB 16.05.2018

Minutes of 78th DTAB 12.02.2018

Minutes of 77th DTAB 16.06.2017

Minutes of 76th DTAB 31.01.2017

Minutes of 75th DTAB 03.01.2017

Minutes of 74th DTAB 15.11.2016

Minutes of 73rd DTAB 01.08.2016

Minutes of 72nd DTAB 27.06.2016

Minutes of 71st DTAB 13.05.2016 

Minutes of 70th DTAB 18.08.2015

Minutes of 69th DTAB 22.04.2015

Minutes of 68th DTAB 16.02.2015

Minutes of 67th DTAB 01.04.2014

Minutes of 66th DTAB 16.01.2014

Minutes of 65th DTAB 25.11.2013

Minutes of 64th DTAB 19.07.2013

Minutes of 63rd DTAB 16.05.2013

Minutes of 62nd Special Meeting of DTAB 30.01.2013

Minutes of 61st  DTAB 24.07.2012

Minutes of 60th  DTAB 10.10.2011

Minutes of 59th  DTAB 24.06.2011

Minutes of 58th  DTAB 09.11.2009

Minutes of 57th  DTAB 23.02.2009


2.Reports of DCC

Report of 53rd DCC Meeting held on 09.04.2018

Report of 52nd DCC Meeting held on 18.09.2017

Report of 51st DCC Meeting held on 09.06.2017

Report of 50th DCC Meeting held on 4 &5.11.2016

Report of 49th DCC Meeting held on 16.10.2015

Report of 48th DCC Meeting held on 24.07.2015

Report of 47th DCC Meeting held on 30.07.2014/31.07.2014

Report of 46th DCC Meeting held on 12.11.2013/13.11.2013

Report of 45th DCC Meeting held on  04-05-/02/013

Report of 44th  DCC Meeting held on 20.07.2012

Report of 39th  DCC Meeting

Report of 37th  DCC Meeting

Report of 32nd  DCC Meeting

Report of 31st DCC Meeting

Sub-committee and communications old

Special DCC meeting held on 26.07.1999

Report of 18th  DCC Meeting 

Report of 17th  DCC Meeting 

Report of 16th  DCC Meeting 

Report of 15th  DCC Meeting 

Report of 14th  DCC Meeting 

Report of 13th  DCC Meeting 

Report of 12th  DCC Meeting 


3.Minutes of IND

IND_Minutes_Held on 24.10.2017

IND_Minutes_Held on 25.07.2017

IND_Minutes_Held on 19.04.2017



IND Minutes held on 08.11.2016

IND Minutes held on 03.08.2016

IND Minutes held on 29.06.2016

IND Minutes held on 27.04.2016

IND Minutes held on 16.12.2015

IND Minutes held on 06.08.2015

IND Minutes held on 06.02.2015

IND Minutes held on 14.10.2014

IND Minutes held on 30.05.2014

















Start date: 19/02/2015

End date: 01/12/2066 

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